1. What Else Can I Display On The ESL Screen Aside From The Price/Number?
There are plenty: number, letter, picture, currency symbol, punctuation mark, bar code, and QR code. Up to 10 of these can be displayed on the screen.
2. Is the ESL Screen Susceptible To Crack/scratch?
Our ESL is protected with a super tough crash-proof protective cover.
To be more precise, it can withstand up to 323kg/m/sqm or 712lb/in/sqm worth of force. So rest assured that it will be with you for a long time.
3. We Are A Retail Chain, Can I Manage All My Stores In One Head Office?
Yes, YalaTech electronic shelf label system not only support single store management but also has a centralized management option.
4. Will Your ESL Software Can Integrate With Our Existing Systems?
Yes, YalaTech electronic shelf label system can integrate with any POS or ERP system. We provide API and technical support for your needs. Integration with existing systems is extremely important to make the ESL solution work efficient.
5. Can I Use Your Esl Tags In The Wet Area Or Freezer?
We have IP67 standard waterproof electronic shelf labels for use in wet areas, and our freezer tags can work in low temperature conditions such as cold chain and freezers in the supermarket.
6. Is My Own Gateway Compatible With Your ESLs?
Your own gateway is not compatible with our ESLs. We have developed a relatively complex private communication protocol for ESL image refresh and other operations.
7. What Is The Area Coverage Of The AP?
The recommended stable range is within a radius of 30 meters, meaning our AP can cover an indoor area of roughly 2800 square meters.
8. How Many Price Tags Can You Manage With One Gateway?
In an indoor environment like a supermarket, due to the physical barriers of the walls and pillars, we have verified many times and tested it out that when the number of price tags is around 5000, The base station can exert excellent performance.
9. What Is The Communication Protocol Between YalaTech ESLAnd The Gateway?
We use a private protocol based on Zigbee at a 2.4Ghz frequency range. We integrated this protocol with our ESL for high stability and securities purposes to manage the indoor communication with high bandwidth.
10. Do I Need To Buy Any Additional System To Get YalaTech ESL System Up And Running?
No, our ESL solution is compatible with any IT system. The ESL management system has an international standard API that can be easily integrated into your existing IT system.
11. Can YalaTech ESL Accommodate A Large Volume Of Price Changes?
Yes, our ESL solution is designed for this. With our smart retail solution, a store associate can complete a task of updating 1000 pieces of digital labels in less than 30 minutes that would have otherwise taken hours.
12. How Many Base Stations Do I Need For One Store?
Technically speaking, one store can have multiple base stations but taking cost in consideration, we would suggest one base station per store. If the size of the store is more than 3000 square meters, you can use 2 base stations.
13. How Many Ways Are There To Deploy The System?
Our ESL system can be deployed to your private cloud server, local server (individual store) and central server (chain stores).
We also offer a SaaS cloud solution for clients who has no server.
14. Can I Have My Server Connected To The AP Directly?
Yes. The communication protocol between the gateway(AP) and the server is MQTT. This document that can be provided upon request and once you have the MQTT document, you are free to develop it by yourself to get all the functions you want.
Don't worry, we will also provide technical support during the process.
15. What Is The ESL System For?
YalaTech ESL system allows you to manage your product, store, price, template, and device. Aside from that, you will be able to monitor of the whole system like data statistic, warning, etc.
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