* Professional base station specially developed for smart office scenarios
* Connected to the enterprise version of Microsoft365 Outlook
* Intelligent booking vias Microsoft365
* Suitable for conference rooms/offices/schools, etc.
* E-Paper display from 1.54 inch to 10.2 inch
* The only e-paper R&D factory in China with this technology and products
This is a 25.3 inch monitor with epaper display. It helps protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The monitor doesn't emit a harsh backlight that can lead to eye issues, headaches, and insomnia. With E-ink Monitor, your eyes will be protected while writing code or browsing the internet.
E-paper signs are being used more and more. They are lightweight, wireless and powered with batteries, so they can be mounted anywhere you like, and moved around easily as a space or location gets reconfigured. They are also great for office space like reception and meeting room.
For stores, the implementation of promotions involves a lot of details, whether it is implemented or not, and whether employees are in place for the implementation of promotions, which may cause various deviations. The promotion management of all stores by the headquarters can be realized through e-paper POP to achieve the purpose of saving labor costs and standardizing management.
It is an App controlled Bluetooth Meeting Signage, help to set up your meeting easily and efficiently.
Designed for recycle use to save your printing and material cost.
Using ultra-low power consumption e-ink display can be refreshed 100,000 times, the battery can be used for 5 years.
With a dedicated bluetooth gateway, you can update the display in bulk, simple and easy to use.
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