Electronic shelf labels are not just a tool for quickly changing a product price in-store.

In fact, digital shelf labels are part of the much wider digitalisation of the retail store and are one of the little-known secrets to driving greater efficiency with applications from replenishment to click and collect.


How Electronic shelf label improve the efficiency of employees and shopper experience

It is critical for the success of stores to constantly work towards improving their productivity by increasing the efficiency of employees as well as sales on the shop floor.


The Flash Alert solution enhances the shopper experience: the retailer can choose to make ESLs flash for products that are on promotion in order for shoppers to immediately find them.


Use LED lights in retail scenarios to assist shop assistants in order picking or help consumers quickly find a specific product through LED flashing. LED viewing angle is close to 180 degrees visible.


Digital shelf label with NFC technology

The digital shelf label has a built-in NFC chip, and consumers can use the mobile phone NFC to interact with the ESL tag, such as getting a coupon or viewing more product information.


Store employees can use PDA with NFC to manage ESL tags, including operations such as updating, binding and unbinding.


Pre-planned automatic promotion

For shopping festivals such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas, the store hopes to do promotions in advance. The electronic shelf label system can support automated advance promotions. After the promotion time is set, there is no need for manual intervention, and the store's product prices can be updated at the planned time.


SAAS, the mainstream in ESL industry

Mainstream ESL providers have been adopting the SAAS model to serve their worldwide customers.


Top 5 advantages of SAAS(Software as a Service):

1. Reduced time to benefit

It reduces the time spent on installation and configuration and can reduce the issues that get in the way of the software deployment.

2.Lower costs

SaaS can provide beneficial cost savings,maintenance costs are reduced as well.

3.Scalability and integration

4. New releases (upgrades)

5.Easy to use and perform proof-of-concepts

YALATECH Cloud Platform

SaaS architecture Cloud Platform that has high reliability, stability, safety, efficiency, compatibility and extensibility.

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What's Next

Since 2015, YALATECH has been furthering the electronic shelf label technological landscape, and helping smart retail businesses along the way. We have delivered more than 2 million ESL tags to over 500 stores and has an on-going plan to deliver 80K tags every month.

In the years to come, YALATECH will continue to innovate and create fully integrated, in-house Smart Retail solutions for every business need.

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