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Along with the rise of e-commerce stores, competition in the consumer market has also intensified. How to create competitive pricing strategies, lower costs, and sell products more effectively have become businesses’ main focus. Fortunately, electronic shelf label (Also Known as ESL)  technology happens to be a powerful solution to those challenges. This article is going to illustrate the benefits of electronic shelf labels.

Introduction to electronic shelf label technology

What is Electronic Shelf label system?

Before going to the introduction, let’s talk about electronic shelf label systems first.

Electronic shelf label runs with a low power consumption system on chip microcontroller (MCU/SoC) with wireless radio communication technology, the system consists of three main parts: label management software, communication station, and terminal display. It has the ability to transmit, update, and display information and data.

A choice for Electronic Shelf label:E-paper display and its benefits

An e-paper display, or electronic paper display, is a technology that allows for the digital representation of text and images.This technology can be said to be the best choice for forming an electronic shelf label technology. E-paper display consumes minimal power, only requiring energy for content updates, and can maintain its content without power. E-paper displays offer a reading experience similar to paper, without causing eye strain. They are commonly used in devices such as e-readers and digital signage, providing a low-power and easy-to-read alternative to traditional displays. Below is the benefits of e-paper display:


·Low energy consumption: 

E-paper display only consumes energy when it’s updating or switching information, and is suitable to be used on display that does not require frequent changes, such as digital price tags for retail uses. 


·Suitable for retail price tag:

The nature of electronic shelf label technology’s low energy consumption also makes it a perfect fit for labels that need to be displayed for a long period of time.


·High uploading speed:

While digital price tags for retail uses do not require much information, the high uploading speed of small images and data files makes it suitable for real time pricing. When a retailer needs to change any data on the price tag, they can also update the data via .csv, .xml or API call to change the item data or price immediately for pricing agility and accuracy.


·Better readability:

While information displayed using electronic shelf label technology is usually text or barcodes, the reflective monitor becomes one of the benefits of electronic shelf labels as it helps improve the readability compared to emissive monitors like OLED.



Electronic shelf labels are designed to be lightweight and easy to be installed onto the shelves. 


·Battery longevity:

The drive circuit used on e-paper displays is simple and the battery can last as long as ten years. 



The colors displayed can range from the basic black and white to the newest 3 or 4-colors above.



The viewing angle of e-paper display is wider than most monitors, up to 180 degree, which highly resembles traditional paper’s reading experience. 


·After understanding what is Electronic Shelf label system and how e-paper display helps form such system, it’s time for us to see what are the benefits of electronic shelf labels


Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic shelf label technology uses RGB LED, and can showcase a lot of information that a traditional shelf label doesn’t. Besides product details and its QR-code, it can display customer rating and best customer reviews for user-experience understanding. Furthermore, Electronic shelf label technology can also show how many stocks are available in the store.


Benefits from the perspective of business operation

·Efficient Pricing Strategy/Price Management

Increasing shelf efficiency: capable of updating all electronic shelf labels price and POS system within seconds;


·Improve customers satisfaction

Electronic shelf label technology can provide accurate and up-to-date pricing , which highly increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


·Help the promotions of certain product

Electronic shelf label technology gives the ability to increase frequency of promotions and potentially increase revenues.


·Saving Operation cost

Largely lower the cost that traditional labeling spends in paper usage, inks, printing, transportation, and human resources.


·Real time item replenishment

Electronic shelf label technology can help monitor products and shelves condition in real time.


·Improve competitiveness

With the help of big data, Electronic shelf labels can also help produce more effective marketing strategies and set more accurate digital price tags for retail (dynamic price).


Other benefits of electronic shelf labels:ESG concept supporting

Why electronic shelf label technology supports ESG

Benefits of electronic shelf labels can also be seen in terms of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Electronic shelf label technology supports corporate ESG goals by reducing paper waste, enabling efficient pricing management, and promoting transparency in operations.


Things electronic shelf label technology do for ESG

·Uses reusable material The materials used to make e-paper displays are reusable and recyclable mostly with casing, film material and more, unlike traditional shelf labels that need to be discarded after use.


·Consumes ultra-low power

Electronic shelf label systems only consume energy when updating images, therefore can replace traditional paper usage, deforestation, and water usage.


·Decreases power consumption

E-paper display also does not require printing or paper transportation, and helps reduce carbon emission.


·Paper replacement and reduce packing materials

E-paper display intends to replace the printed labels on the shelves and the retailers can change item data without printing paper label anymore which will reduce carbon emissions. The packing of electronic shelf labels ship to stores or warehouses are reducing the materials and packing required for shipping.


·Sustains long-life

Electronic shelf label technology not only cuts down costs and wastes for businesses, but is also sustainable and lasts for a long time to reduce the battery usage and save more carbon consumption.

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