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The Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, is a major international trade exhibition held biannually in Guangzhou, China. Established in 1957, it is one of the largest trade fairs in the world and attracts thousands of exhibitors and buyers from around the globe. The fair is divided into three phases, each focusing on different industries and products. Phase 1 typically showcases electronics, household appliances, and industrial products, while Phase 2 features consumer goods and gifts. Phase 3 focuses on textiles, garments, and medical products. The Canton Fair provides a platform for businesses to showcase their products, exchange information, and explore trade opportunities.

YALA Group was founded in 2007, was the first to engage in the retail industry in China, it is a well-known enterprise in China and worldwide, it is the Most Cost-effective Electronic Shelf Label Globally, South American NO.1 Sales Volume Manufacturer and the key enterprise in Guangdong Province. YalaTech engages in Cloud/NFC ESL, Bluetooth Meeting Signage, People Counter, Shop Patrol Systems, Data analysis and Statistics, and provided a complete set of scientific solutions for the new retail industry. In China, wherever there are stores, you can see Yala's products are in use. 
YalaTech company ESL advantages: 

1. A well-known brand in Retail Technology Industry of China and worldwide;

2. More than 17 years experience in serving global retailers, know retail best;

3. ESL leader manufacturer in China, 100+ patents of core technology and software copyrights;

4. All software is free for life, and no fee is charged during use;

5. In-house R&D capabilities from hardware to software, manufacturing with million-level capacity;

6. System infrastructure based on cloud architecture, stable, secure and simple;

7. Seamless roaming connectivity, support public/private cloud and local deployment, free API/MQTT interface to integrate with your current ERP/POS systems or your software;

8. Unique lightning fast NFC technology and application;

9. Ultra-high cost performance, compare with Solum and Pricer ESL, our products with the same or better functions but affordable prices;

10. Various industry application support: smart retail, warehousing, hospital, smart office and other industries

11. Save labor costs, environmental protection, enhance store image, eliminate the complaints and fines incurred between the price on traditional labels and the price in the cash register system;

12. Low threshold for customization service, professional OEM and ODM service;

13. Serve for more than 800 agents and more than 0.5 million stores around the world, includes Walmart, Target, Carrefour, Costco, Metro, Edeka, China Telecom, CR Vanguard, Xiaomi etc,. 

14. Partner-privileged model, Protect distributors’rights, providing lifetime 24/7 services.

Belowing is our company introduction video, ESL testing video for your reference.



For ESL, we have two solutions, one is stand alone NFC ESL, the other is cloud ESL solution:NFC ESL is suitable for small shops with small SKU, no need base station, no need training, no need  IT technician to deploy the system, no need software charge, out of box, only use APP to change the price tags one by one. You could not only use our pre-template in the application, but also you could create your own template, data transmission speed for small sizes only takes 1-2 seconds, for bigger sizes only takes 5-7 seconds. For big stores or chain stores, our ESL solution with base station could meet your needs, API integration with our Saas system to client's ERP or POS system, centralization management, promotion scheduling, PC portal and mobile application for clients, we also provide MQTT documents  for distributors who have the ability and would like to develop their own software to directly communicate with our base station.

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Cloud & NFC Electronic Shelf Label

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